SABE is the strategic advisory body on environment to the CEN and CENELEC Technical Boards (BTs).

The main tasks of SABE are:

  • Providing  strategic advice for the CEN and CENELEC BTs on environmental matters and identifying future relevant topics
  • Promoting standardization within the European Environmental Policy Framework
  • Facilitating Information exchange among key stakeholders,
  • Supporting Technical Committees in addressing environmental related issues in the standardization works

In order to carry out its tasks, SABE has defined the following working structure:

The horizontal Teams for issues which are universally applicable in the field of environment:

  • Strategic issues: Environmental Monitoring Strategy Team (ENV)
  • Products and services: Environmental Issues in Standardization (ENIS)
  • Environmental Management: Environmental Management Team (EMT)

These Environmental Teams are responsible for defined tasks. The Teams can also have an advisory function to other CEN bodies within the mandate from SABE.

The Topic Groups to co-ordinate ongoing or initiate new work on a specific subject in the environmental field

  • Circular Economy issues: Circular Economy Topic Group (CE-TG)

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