Mr Robert Brett


Mr Brett is past Chairman of SABE, the body which advises the European Standards Committee (CEN) on all matters connected with environmental management, environmental monitoring and the inclusion of environmental aspects into all product and service standards in the European Union.

He was Chief British delegate to CEN TC230, which produces standards on the monitoring of waters, including priority substances, and its quality management for the Water Framework Directive (WFD).


Throughout his 35 years career in analytical chemistry and drinking and environmental water quality assessment he built an extensive experience in establishing, operating and managing monitoring laboratories for water quality assessment.  He has up-to-date knowledge of all analytical methods used presently in water laboratories.


During the last 10 years Mr. Brett, working as a laboratory consultant and EN ISO 17025 accreditation expert, has upgraded more than 40 national and regional water quality monitoring laboratories in Central and Eastern European countries, helping them towards meeting the requirements of DWD and WFD. He has gained an in-depth knowledge of analytical methods and legal requirements in the region. He has gained a vast experience with procurement of laboratory equipment and international tender procedures for laboratories. He has been responsible for advice on the procurement and commissioning of over € 2 million of equipment complying with local standards to strengthen laboratories in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Armenia, Moldova and Azerbaijan.