Environmental Coalition

Our objective – unite knowledge, experience and resources of the organizations for the people to live responsible and in harmony with nature.


General information about Coalition 

Environmental Coalition was established as the Coalition of the Lithuanian Environmental NGOs with the aim at uniting the knowledge, experience and resources of the organisations to work responsibly and in harmony with nature.  

Since June 15, 2011, the Lithuanian Environmental NGOs Coalition has been named as Environmental Coalition. The Coalition unites 9 Lithuanian Environmental NGOs („Members“) seeking to participate in the formation and implementation of the environment protection policy.

Environmental Coalition strives for:

  • air would be safe for all life forms
  • possibility to swim in lakes, rivers and ponds or otherwise to rest, and to have conditions for biodiversity to exist and develop
  • groundwater would be harmless for humans, safe for flora and fauna, it would be enough to get drinking water now and in the future
  • conservation and restoration of wetlands as important ecosystems and landscape components
  • forest and forest cover are protected and managed as a habitat for biodiversity, in parallel creating conditions for sustainable recreation and forestry
  • maintain and maintain traditional agriculture suitable for crop cultivation and biodiversity, maintaining a balance between mowing meadows, pasture, shrubs and arable land
  • halting biodiversity loss, preserving all species and ecosystems for them, and restoring destroyed habitats. Species are allowed to exist in viable populations
  • the environment should not contain human-made chemical products that endanger human health or biodiversity
  • in the natural environment there would be no human waste
  • the impact of reduced products on the environment and the consumption of non-renewable resources



 LT NGO partners


  • Active since 2004 on the basis of a joint venture agreement.
  • Registered on June 15, 2011.



Our Activity


Seeking to participate in the formulation and implementation of Lithuanian environmental protection policy


Areas of activity:

  • Implementation of European Union environmental policy
  • Biodiversity protection
  • Climate change
  • Energetic safety, atomic energy
  • Natural resources management
  • Hazardous chemicals management
  • Inter-institutional cooperation on environmental issues
  • Horizontal environmental issues (Sustainable Development, Education, Environmental Impact Assessment, etc.)


Way of Operation

–     Participation in the working groups and committees

•       Ministry of the Environment

  • Ministry of Agriculture
  • Giving positions and opinions for the members of Coalition on topical issues