LITHUANIAN STANDARDS BOARD (LST) was established by the Resolution No. 125 of 25 April 1990 of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania.

Lithuanian Standards Board is the budgetary institution of public administration functioning as National Standards Body (NSB) and within its competence taking part in establishing and implementing the policy of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania within the standardization field, carrying out other functions provided by the Laws and other legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania and taking active part in the activities of international and European standardization organizations by representing interests of Lithuanian economy. 

LST develops and improves national standardization system; sets up technical committees for the preparation of Lithuanian standards and other publications as well as coordinates their preparation; establishes procedures for the adoption of international, European and foreign standards as Lithuanian standards, adopts, publishes and distributes Lithuanian standards and other publications applied on a voluntary basis, seeks that copyright of International and European standards is not infringed in Lithuania; provides information on standards, technical regulations and legal acts on conformity assessment procedures valid in Lithuania and their drafts. 

LST implements Lithuanian standards program, participates in implementation of European Union directives. Activities of technical committees are based on the consensus principle, i.e. interested parties (producers, consumers and representatives of state, scientific and public organizations) make decisions by consensus. Standardization Council deals with strategical and inter-branch standardization matters.

LST implemented quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001 standard.

There are following units within LST: 

  • Organizational Standards Division
  • International Affairs Subdivision,
  • Standards Publishing Division,
  • General Affairs Division, 
  • Law and Personnel Division,  

Technical committees assist in the implementation of Lithuanian standards program through the preparation of Lithuanian standards and other publications.