The Standardization Institute of the Republic of North Macedonia (ISRSM) as national standard body represents the national interest in the international, European and regional organization for standardization,

promotes the standardization activities and thru bringing together the public and private stakeholders, ISRSM develops and adopts voluntary national standards.

In March 2003, based on the Law on Standardization (“Official Gazette of the Republic of North Macedonia" No. 54/02) and the Decision of the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia (“Official Gazette of the Republic of North Macedonia” No. 14/03), the Standardization Institute of the Republic of North Macedonia - ISRSM has been established as individual public institution, separating from the Bureau of Standardization and Metrology. The Law on Standardization regulates the goals and principles of the Macedonian national standardization, the ISRSM Statute and its tasks, membership and its financing, preparation, adoption and publication of Macedonian national standards and their application. The ISRSM Statute regulates the name, the seat and organization of ISRSM, its activity, representation, bodies and their competences and responsibilities, rights and obligations of ISRSM members, financing and other issues in relation to its operation.

Pursuant to Article 73 of the Stabilization and Association Agreement concluded between the Republic of North Macedonia and the European community and its countries (SAA, April 2004), Republic of North Macedonia undertakes all necessary measures in order to speed up the development of the standardization as one of the pillars in the quality infrastructure, to support the participation in the work of the European standardization bodies (CEN, CENELEC, ETSI, EA, WELMEC, EUROMED etc.) as well as to encourage the use of Community technical regulations and European procedures for standards, testing and conformity assessment. In March 2003, the membership in ISO (International Organization for Standardization) was transferred from the Bureau of Standardization and Metrology to ISRSM. Later, in 2003, ISRSM was accepted as associate member in IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission), and in March 2005, it became associate member in CENELEC (European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization). ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute) in December 2006, recognised ISRSM as NSO (National Standardization Organization).