The Bulgarian Institute for Standardization (BDS) is the National Standards Body in the Republic of Bulgaria.

BDS has been created according to the Law on National Standardization, published in 2005 (State Gazette, issue 88 of 4 November 2005). The Bulgarian Institute for Standardization is an independent non-governmental organization whose members are all interested in standardization activities parties. Superior governing body is the General Assembly, electing the members of the Governing Board among the representatives of the organizations-members of BDS. As a non-profit organization BDS operates for the public benefit of society.

BDS activities are concentrated not only on the continuous improvement of national standardization system and on the attraction of new participants in the national standardization activities, but also on the better functioning and organization of BDS work.

Taking into account the principles of standardization – equal footing, transparency and consensus, BDS makes efforts to balance the interests of all stakeholders both in private and public sectors which means clearly established balanced participation in the national standardization process of producers, traders, suppliers, consumers, research and academic establishments, conformity assessment bodies, state bodies and other public organizations.

Recognizing the role of small and medium-sized business for the country’s development, BDS makes efforts to protect the interests of the Bulgarian business at European level by providing its representatives with the opportunity to express their positions and to contribute to the development of the European standards. We consider the standardization work to be extremely important and we believe that through it the Bulgarian enterprises receive access to the international markets, as well an opportunity to excel with competitive means.

The BDS governing bodies are:

1. General Assembly
2. Governing Board
3. Control Board
4. Managing Director
5. Technical Boards
6. Technical Committees.

The BDS activities:
  • develop, accept and approve or introduce Bulgarian standards
  • participate in the work of the European and international standards organizations
  • publish and disseminate Bulgarian standards, draft of Bulgarian standards and standardization documents
  • publish an official bulletin and a catalogue of Bulgarian standards
  • distribute international standards, foreign national standards and drafts of international and foreign standards
  • compile and maintain a database of standards and standardization documents
  • compile and maintain a stock of national, international, European and foreign national standards
  • maintain a specialised library
  • provide information on standards
  • provide training courses, seminars, conferences, and other forums
  • introduce a system for conformity assessment to the requirements of Bulgarian standards
  • develop a close collaboration with foreign standards organizations from other countries
  • play the role of National Enquiry Point responsible for the notification of technical standards in the framework of the Agreement on Technical Barriers to Trade
  • in line with Regulation (EU) 1025/2012 on European standardization provides regular information on the drafts of national standards to the European Commission, European standards organizations and to the national standardization bodies of the countries members of the EU
  • develop and approve the rules and procedures of work on national standardization in compliance with the principles and rules of the European and international standardization system.