ASRO is the national standardization body, a non-governmental, apolitical, private legal entity of public interest.

ASRO represents Romanian interests in European and international standardization being a full member of CEN and CENELEC (as of 2006) and a member of ISO (as of 1950) and IEC (as of 1920). ASRO is an observing member in ETSI (as of 2005).

Covering both electro-technical and non-electro-technical areas, ASRO is the recognized organization for managing formal standardization activities in Romania and assuring public information in the field of standards and standardization.

ASRO is recognized as a national standards body by the Romanian government and notified as such to the European Commission. With 158 national technical committees, ASRO coordinates the national standardization activities and facilitates participation of Romanian stakeholders in international and European standardization organizations.

ASRO cooperates with governmental institutions in its legislative activities as well as public policies issues.

ASRO experience is also shaped in standardization policy issues considering its participation in CEN and CENELEC management boards and representation in Committee on Standards set up by the European Commission.